The HieCOR solution is software designed to be easily adjusted to each business’s tailored requirements, customizing the perfect solution for your business.

Customer Portal

Navigate through customer history with a quick glance at their timeline.  Add any custom field to your customer profile, from “favorite color” to “kids’ names,” and use that data to deliver exceptional personalized experiences. With rich data collected and captured on each transaction, your customer dashboard will tell the story you need to engage with your customers.

  • Customer timeline and purchase history
  • Store customer documents, such as contracts and waivers
  • Create custom fields, like birthdates and favorite flavor
  • Process refunds, print receipts and manage loyalty rewards
  • Set up and adjust subscriptions, send invoices, and collect balances
  • Warranty support
  • Send customers an email or text message

    Marketing Emailer

    Stop using static customer lists and content and start targeting your customers with relevant topics and incentives when communicating with your current and future customers. Run targeted promotions and increase revenue with integrated email marketing.  Build email lists for your different customer types, like VIP guests, birthdays, welcome email, product instructions, sales follow-ups, loyalty, we miss you, and more.

    Smart Lists

    Smart lists are HieCOR lists that update automatically, enrolling the contacts who meet the defined criteria and removing those who no longer meet it. This means that you can generate custom customer segments to automate business communication. No more sifting through spreadsheets and paperwork, you only need to set the right rules for your smart list.

    A few examples

    • Membership programs
    • Custom fields collected (i.e., birthdate)
    • Notes logged or dollars spent
    • Lives within a radius of a zip code
    • Products purchased and needs follow-up
    • Days since last visit or contact
    • Many more….


    Robust reporting with actionable business insights allows you to stay on top of your sales and key performance indicators. Have the ability to check on your store’s activities without having to call in or physically go to your business’s physical location. 

    Connect different physical locations in real-time, giving you data-driven insight to support growth.  Detect new trends, aggregate sales across locations or simply understand your customers and developing trends. 

    Social Media

    Schedule posts, reply to existing threads, send private messages, email, text, and generate invoices across your supported social networks in a single location. Don’t let customer questions overwhelm you – manage messages, comments, and reactions easily and efficiently. Dismiss comments that don’t require action and respond to the ones that do, more quickly with standardized replies.


    Set up a membership club, enable a payment plan or empower your customers to get monthly delivery of your products without any manual intervention. If you regularly bill clients for a product or service, then subscriptions are a must-have. Avoid creating invoices week after week, or month after month for your monthly or ad-hock club. Generate additional revenue by enabling all of your products to be purchased on a subscription. You can enable a subscription to be put on any product or ad-hoc on the point of sale at checkout.