All HieCOR plans include access to our full feature set

HieCOR Monthly Subscription
Less than $500,000 Annual

Everything thing you need in a single package to run your business.  No add-ins once you’re in, everything you need  for your business. 


HieCOR Monthly Subscription
$500,000 – $5.000,000

Everything thing you need in a single package to run your business.  No add-ins once you’re in, everything you need  for your business. 


HieCOR Enterprise

Everything thing you need in a single package to run your business.  No add-ins once you’re in, everything you need  for your business. 



Don’t spend your days wondering what to do in an emergency when you can’t get your barcodes to print, or your receipt printer is malfunctioning.  HieCOR Concierge support can help you with anything.  

Onboarding Support

Work with a dedicated onboarding specialist to assist with questions, review setup configuration,  strategy or integrations.

Data Migration


Let our team review, adjust and load your contacts, PO’s, layaway and inventory for you

**complex migrations may require additional fee

Terminal Setup


A remote terminal health check and setup of your PC, printer, card reader, cash drawer and card reader

Shopify Convert


An easy and complete cutover from your existing Shopify store.  Migration includes your website, inventory, fulfillment configuration and customers. 
*excludes comments and 3rd party plugins 

Consulting Services

Our team of experts can fix any issue and solve those impossible data riddles.

Inventory Count 


Everyone has their own way to do their inventory.  Utilize this service to send your raw inventory counts in and have a complete inventory analysis and adjustment completed.

Private Training


 A training program tailored for you and your team.  Have one of our trainers host a 2 hour virtual training workshop for any supplemental or enhanced training needs. 

One Time Integration Manager


Putting a new integration into your business can be a daunting task.  Have a dedicated repesentative assist you in navigating whatever needs to get done to complete the setup

Rent a Nerd


Assistance with any computer hardware, software, data requests and issues.  Common requests include configuration review, network adjustments, custom automation scripts and custom integrations.

Platform Optimization


Senior manager led deep dive into your existing configuration and processes.  We will attend a virtual onsite tour, review and assess your account, focusing on workflow and day-to-day use of HieCOR.


Start with the template that most closely matches your business and then customize it from there.  A website designer to assist you in resolving any questions or issues with your website. 

    Website Plugin 


A monthly fee to install and help support the WordPress plugins.
*license fees for paid plugins have a 2.5% processing fee and are non-refundable



Get an image adjusted or created.  Great for logos and other touchup needs. 

Custom Page 


Sit back, relax and enjoy a custom page built exactly the way you want 

  SSL Certificate 


Secure your custom domain name with this 256-bit encryption 


Pre-configured hardware designed and delivered with the quality, care and full support of the HieCOR services.  Shipping is always free!



A complete point-of-sale package with a 12.2″ tablet with integrated tap, chip or swipe payments.  Flip to customer for tip, signature and receipt selection.

Card Reader


This device enables your tablet/phone to accept chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless (NFC) and swipe.  Leave it in the stand or grab it to go mobile.

PAX S300 


Pax S300 high-performance retail payment terminal for multilane and high volume merchants.  Collects signature and tip with a convenient tap, chip or swipe.

   Gift Cards   


A block of 100 customizable 2 sided color gift cards.


Everything you need day to day to run your business.  Enjoy the highest quality products picked for perfection comes with full support on setup or usage issues.

  Integrated Label

Use your office laser/ink printer with this all in one packing slip + postage label combination

Receipt Paper

A case of 25 roll of 80mm thermal receipt paper

Cash Drawer

Connect the cash drawer into one of our supported printers.

Receipt Printer

Everyone can print to this single printer.  It’s IPX2 rated splash proof design, front-loaded 80 mm paper and works with Android, Apple, PC and Mac


Portable Mini-Printer 

Portable Bluetooth thermal receipt printer that fits in your pocket or clips on your belt and still prints 58mm

 Barcode Printer

A cartridge-less thermal barcode printer capable printing everything from your customized barcodes to 4×6 shipping labels.   

 Barcode Scanner

Both a USB and a bluetooth scanner capable of working with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android