Simplify your payment operation

Annual Membership Plan

We offer subscription flat rate merchant account pricing, so that the processor’s fee is taken as a flat monthly fee and per-transaction fee, instead of a percentage of sales volume.

The payment processor would not take a cut of your sales when this plan is applied. Many other companies that use subscriptions make money from merchant subscription fees, but not HieCOR. Your company would pay the interchange fees, as well as a flat monthly or annual fee to the processor – making the processor fees completely transparent.  In many cases, there is an additional per-transaction fee, so that you’ll pay a fixed amount on each transaction processed.

On-time and expected payouts to your bank accounts – You can control your payout timing to receive transfers weekly or monthly.

    • Chargebacks, or disputed payments, are a $15.00 fee. If the dispute is resolved in your favor, the fee is fully refunded.
    • Partial or full refunds can be issued. There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge are not returned.
    • There is no fee for accepting payments through consumer wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay through our mobile SDKs.


In Store and Online Payments

When a customer taps, dips, swipes or manually keys in their card, you pay 2.45% + 10¢ per transaction. 

The HieCOR solution includes everything that you need to do business, in one easy package. You can serve customers, take payments, and run your entire business from a single Point of Sale system. HieCOR provides an easy, pre-configured POS package that allows you to take orders and payments from anywhere.




Fraud Prevention

We fight fraud for you

Fraudulent purchases mean payment disputes, which can result in your business losing money. HieCOR uses tools to research payments from across our transaction history, and adjusts our algorithms to account for new trends in fraud.

    • Our systems monitor payments to look out for suspicious transactions.
    • Machine learning and human expertise work hand in hand to update and adapt our technology to the continually shifting fraud landscape.
    • Our team of fraud experts reach out to you if we notice anything unusual.

We even manage your disputes for you, without a fee – unlike most payment processors. We also do the time-consuming, stressful work of dealing with your customer’s bank for you.

    • We’re experts in disputes. We’ll let you know what you need to do for the best chance at winning your dispute.
    •  Let us deal with the bank so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone.
    •  Our team of dispute agents is ready to answer your questions.
    •  Submit documentation and keep track of active disputes on your Disputes Dashboard.