HieCOR’s CRM platform has all the software you need for marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and inventory management.


Cut hours out of your day’s work by automating your shipping and order fulfillment workflow. HieCOR helps you quickly generate shipping labels for all orders. You can find the best rate, print a label or packing slip, or bulk purchase postage for up to 500 orders at once. 


  • Purchase postage for either a 4”x6” thermal shipping printer or an 8.5” ×11” integrated one sheet peel and stick label
  • Send a custom message along with your tracking number
  • Split packages, process backorders and manage customers’ exceptions
  • Compare rates from multiple carriers
  • Packing software to ensure you put the right products in the right package


    Centrally gather all the images and content you’ll need to manage, sell and reorder your inventory. Keep your products and stock up to date with real-time syncing across all stores, devices and sales channels.  HieCOR syncs product descriptions, images, price changes and stock across your sales channels. 


    • Simplify ordering with reorder points and restock levels
    • Full audit trail of all inventory movements
    • Unlimited custom fields, such as bin location for warehouse management
    • Offer variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more.  Each variation can have its own price, product code, UPC and inventory.

      Purchase Order

      Order the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Our purchase order solution allows you to analyze each item’s journey from order through sale.

      • Create barcode labels for the entire PO
      • Bulk generate PO through universal bulk loader
      • Transfer stock between stores
      • Generate a PDF and communicate with vendors
      • Apply vendor terms for easy payment

        Barcode Print

        Customize your labels to print your branding, pricing, barcode and additional fields of your choosing. An integrated barcode printer will ensure all products comply with your checkout system, enabling a quick and error-free checkout process.


        HieCOR’s software revolutionizes last-mile delivery for small to medium-sized service and delivery industries. The platform integrates with Google services and provides dynamic and real-time route management, tracking, and planning. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies route planning, allowing for multi-truck coordination and scheduling.

        The software offers comprehensive shipping and order fulfillment automation, streamlining operations. Additionally, the platform generates a daily route overview report that serves as a checklist for drivers. Driver-centric features include direct Google Maps directions, access to customer contact information, image-uploading capabilities, and the ability to modify invoices, process payments, and flag issues. Moreover, an integrated ticketing system efficiently manages and resolves any customer issues.