Complete point of sale, subscription invoice and customer management CRM package

Website with online store

Smart lists to allow you to follow up on purchases, send newsletters, communicate updates or personalize emails to previous customers

Ability to interact with your company’s social media by responding to posts, turning comments and reactions into sales

Integrate with Amazon, Instagram and Facebook stores, Google Shopping feeds, and more…

Split orders, print postage, text updates and manage delivery exceptions

Sell Everywhere

Manage your business through a real-time inventory management solution keeping your retail store, website, social media channels and online marketplaces in sync.

Facebook and Instagram

The Hiecor system will synchronize your inventory with your Facebook and Instagram store. You can maintain one unified shopping experience across Facebook, Instagram, your website, and retail store. The system will allow you to sort through all comments and reactions across your social media posts. You will be able to answer questions, offer support, and send invoices through the original thread, email, text message, or messenger.


Having eBay act as a third-party seller means customers feel much safer going out on a limb and buying from you, even if they’ve never heard of your company. This translates into you having to work much less for each sale. Take the hassle out of eBay and having to train your staff to log into another 3rd party system. The Hiecor system will automatically synchronize and fulfill your taken orders made through eBay.


Pinterest is an excellent tool to help increase links back to your website, which, in turn, drives more traffic. It is more effective at steering traffic back to a website than any other social media source. HieCOR allows you to connect to Pinterest, the world’s largest social network for ideas, inspiration, and interesting products.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a new product discovery experience. The goal is to make it easy for users to research purchases, find information about different products, and then connect with sellers to make a purchase. You can automatically synchronize your inventory with Google product and local inventory feed, and get your products in front of millions of shoppers searching on Google.


The popularity of Amazon is indisputable, and many potential buyers look only to Amazon when shopping. You can automatically synchronize your Amazon inventory levels and orders using HieCOR.


A company newsletter can help build your brand by sharing content with current and future customers that resonates with them. Leads become customers when they trust you and are fans of your business. Hiecor enables you to send out a hassle-free weekly newsletter to share popular products and hot topics.

The HieCOR System Includes


A Feature-Packed Website Built to Sell Your Product

Expand your reach and build an online presence with the simple, intuitive, hassle-free website builder from HieCOR.  HieCOR has everything you need to create, maintain and deliver from your own eCommerce website.  Choose a template, add advanced features, customize your site and your own website will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

  • Pre-configured WordPress website with one of our base templates
  • Endless supply of features from over 50,000 plugins available 
  • In-place editor to update text, add pages and swap out images
  • Ability to work seamlessly with your existing online stores and marketplaces



Sell Your Products Anywhere

An Anywhere Cart is like a shortcut for buying one of your products. You can place Anywhere Cart on your blogs, email or html pages. A buy now button can show product pictures, descriptions, and prices, all while letting customers purchase products without leaving the website.


  • Turn a static HTML page into a complete online store
  • Updates to a product’s details in HieCOR will appear everywhere on the product’s Anywhere Cart.


Accept and Manage Payments

HieCOR includes a point of sale that can be run from your phone in the aisles, curbside on a tablet or at the counter on a PC. You can accept payments in person with your mobile device or tablet, or online via online invoicing, subscription billing, virtual online terminal, payment form, and your very own online store. Avoid overselling your inventory by syncing your sales across your multiple channels and product feeds with HieCOR POS.

  • Touch-free payments in-store or online
  • Shipping & delivery management
  • Generate estimates, send invoices and manage subscriptions
  • Customer facing screen for order verification, loyalty input and receipt delivery
  • Automatically print kitchen receipts
  • Manage layaway and issue store credit with personalized gift cards
  • Available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and through your browser


Customer Management with Smart Lists

Take the guesswork out of Customer Management. HieCOR enables you to build and design custom lists of your customers to automate your business processes through personalized responses, internal checks and automated emails. Examples of Smart Lists you could create:

  • Customers that purchased specific products in the past
  • Notify customers when they have reached loyalty program thresholds
  • Users that haven’t been to your site in a while
  • Customers within a certain radius of your zip code
  • Clients with an upcoming birthdate
  • and more…



Streamline Your Social Media

Build your brand and increase sales by keeping your inventory synchronized with your social media channels, allowing you to quickly respond to customers. Each time a customer engages with one of your posts, a task in your HieCOR dashboard will be created. Within that task you will be able to see the original post and access that customers history.

  • Centralize comments, reactions and messages from your posts
  • Respond in the original thread, through messenger, email and text message
  • Generate an invoice
  • Schedule future posts


Shipping and Fulfillment

HieCOR provides a complete solution to your shipping and fulfillment needs. Compare postage across carriers to pick the best value, define custom shipping rules, manage exceptions, stop orders from being shipped and automatically print postage in batches of up to 500.


  • UPS, Stamps, FedEx and local pickup
  • Purchase postage for up to 500 orders at once
  • Split shipments and manage exceptions 
  • 8.5 x 11 integrated label and packing slip or thermal print
  • Auto-combine orders going to same address
  • Custom fulfillment rules and 3rd party fulfillment integrations
  • International shipping with automated custom documents


Fast Insights, Faster Growth

Go straight to the most crucial data from every touchpoint in your business – all from one web analytics dashboard.  Track your revenue, offers sold, subscription metrics, and more without comparing numbers from one tab to the next.

  • Consolidated reports across all order sources
  • Actionable inventory insight
  • Schedule reports to automatically deliver the right information to the right people
  • Choose from one of our pre-built reports or build your own
  • Interactive charts and timelines



Inventory Management

Manage online and multi-store inventory with ease, whether you’re in-store or on the go! Avoid over selling your inventory by syncing your sales across your multiple sales channels and online marketplaces. With HieCOR’s centralized reporting, you gain real-time insights into your inventory on hand and can better forecast when to order more or less inventory.

  • Track suppliers and purchase orders
  • Simplify ordering with reorder points, locations and restock levels
  • Audit trail on all inventory movement
  • Transfer inventory between stores
  • Generate barcode labels
  • Input into HieCOR and sell everywhere



Smart List Emailer

The HieCOR solution includes a flexible email system backed with our featured smart list customer segments. Turn your CRM into an automated marketing engine that sends the right campaign to the right contact at the right time to help you increase sales, life-time value, referrals and reviews. Send a weekly newsletter, a happy birthday coupon to your best customers, a one-time blast about an upcoming event or automate multi-touch sequences based on customer behavior.


  • Visual builder to integrate video, countdown times, automation and more
  • Smart lists and scheduled emails let you interact with your customers through your sales lifecycle
  • Personalized content lets you integrate your inventory or reference a past purchased item.
  • Products look great in your email with automatic thumbnail generation and website integration.


Schedule Route

Through efficient route management, HieCOR’s software revolutionizes last-mile delivery for small to medium service and delivery industries. Full Google service integration facilitates real-time planning, tracking, and management of delivery routes.

  • It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for route planning, accommodating multi-truck coordination and schedule management.
  • The software provides comprehensive shipping and order fulfillment automation for streamlined operations.
  • A consolidated route overview report is generated, featuring each stop’s packing slip, serving as a day-long checklist for drivers.
  • Driver-friendly features include direct Google Maps directions, access to customer contact information, and capabilities for uploading pictures, adjusting invoices, receiving payments, and flagging issues.
  • It features an integrated ticketing system to track and resolve customer issues effectively.

Stop spending all your profits on multiple vendors, we have your back

The customers making the switch to HieCOR are the ones who were previously paying multiple vendors and frustrated with large bills and poor customer service.

Stop paying additional monthly fees for shipping and emailer software

Never again sit on hold from different vendors while having a business emergency

No more forgetting to remove out of stock items from Amazon before it’s too late

No more manually loading products into your Instagram

Stop paying a huge fee every month for your payment processor only to have no support when you actually have a question on a customer payment

Forget about constantly importing data into a 3rd party emailer

HieCOR support center is a single location to create a ticket, send an email or chat with us on whatever the issue is. We will guide you every step of the way and provide resources to train your staff. You can count on a smooth experience with us.